Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The path sides are filled with yellow flowers at the moment. Yesterday, I mentioned the Bird's Foot Trefoil and the Evening Primroses, but there are many more. Among the best and most obvious are those belonging to the Ribbed Melilot (Melilotus officinalis).
This is another member of the Pea family and quite a stately one standing about 5ft tall and covered with long racemes of bright yellow flowers.
A closer look reveals the pea-like flower form.
In the more boggy - if not wet - parts, Yellow Flag Iris are still in bloom and always good value when it comes to adding a bit of 'show' to the countryside.
These beauties were growing along the margins of Osborne's Pond a few days ago.
Lastly for today, a small flower which is easily overlooked when walking through the more wooded areas. Common almost everywhere and a bit of a pain if you get it in your garden, this is the Wood Avens or Herb Bennet (Geum urbanum).  This plant belongs to the rose family as is obvious when you take a good look at the flower, like a small, yellow Blackberry flower, to which it is related.
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