Monday, 8 June 2015

Botanic Gardens

One of the things we'd promised ourselves while in Edinburgh, was a tip to the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Founded in the 17th century as a physic garden, it is now a world-renowned scientific and educational garden is several parts. On Tuesday, morning, we braved the high winds and set off for a walk around the outside gardens, the glasshouses being closed due to those aforementioned winds. The Rhododendrons were the first things to attract the attention.
As usual, they came in all colours,
and sizes.
Moving on from the Rhododendrons, one of our favourite parts of the outdoor gardens, were the extensive alpine beds.
These too were colourful and despite the windy weather, these hardy little plants were doing their best to stand up to it all. This delicate-looking Calceolaria seemed to be having a hard time of it.
In Switzerland a few weeks ago, we didn't manage to see any Edelweiss, but we certainly did in Edinburgh.  Typical!
There will be much more from the Gardens tomorrow..
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