Saturday, 6 June 2015

More Edinburgh

Wednesday saw us - as I said it would - taking a walk around Holyrood Park and the imposing lump of rock which is Arthur's Seat.  Holyrood is a royal park, formerly a royal hunting park belonging to Holyroodhouse, dating back to the 12th century.
Queen's Drive is a road and walkway which runs around the park, taking in several view points on its way. Here, we got a fine view across Dunsapie Loch, looking north-east towards the sea in the distance.
From the northern side of the park and standing with your back to Salisbury Crags, you get some nice views across the city towards Holyroodhouse itself and the Scottish parliament building.
Zooming in a bit, the palace looms out of the surrounding trees, with the remains of Holyrood Abbey in the grounds beyond.
Further beyond the parliament building, Carlton Hill dominates the skyline with its monuments, gallery and scientific buildings sticking up from the top. In front, the columns of the now misnamed, 'New' Parliament House dominate the lower slopes of Carlton Hill.
Back down the hill to Holyroodhouse itself and we pressed our noses to the gates for a better view of the frontage of the palace from the North wing with abbey ruins peeking out to the left...
to the South wing and a magnificent water feature in front...
To a wider panorama of the whole frontage.
Still more to come...
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