Friday, 12 June 2015

Last of Edinburgh

It's time to bring the Edinburgh pictures to a close, but to finish with, just a few odds and ends from our short stay. Our visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens was a highlight for us both. Despite the very windy conditions we experienced during our first visit, the gardens were beautiful.
Not all the plants on display were recognisably plant-like. This fossilised tree trunk was a big feature outside the glasshouses.
Some of the living plants were somewhat odd to look at too.
But all were beautiful, both inside...
and out.
There were well manicured lawns with banks of rockery with footpaths up them...
And a well manicured Malcolm, taking it all in!
Inside the glasshouses, different 'zones' had displays of very different plants. The dry zone or 'Arid Lands' section was full of cacti as you would expect.

Leaving the gardens behind, the views across Holyrood Park and the Palace below, is always worth another look.
So that's about it for Edinburgh.  The next few days will bring us back to our local environment and some of the things which seem to have been neglected while our Edinburgh trip has taken centre stage.  So, keep watching..!
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