Monday, 22 June 2015

Mid Summer?

Having now passed the mid-point of the year, Christmas is not far off!  Despite that, the summer flowers are making a brave attempt to fill the hedgerows and byways with colour. Among the most numerous are the Ox-eye Daisies.
Always popular with inescts, they make a lovely show.
Less showy perhaps, but no less important to the insects are the Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata).
This is also a useful plant in traditional herbal remedies. Tea made from the leaves of the Ribwort Plantain has been used to treat respiratory problems, infection and various skin disorders.
Leaving the wild flowers aside for the moment, we have quite a few Potentilla shrubs in flower around what used to be the car parks of the American Adventure theme park.
Part of the Rose family, they are a common sight in gardens and parks and really rather attractive in full flower.
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