Monday, 30 May 2016


Sitting on the shore of Lake Thun, Spiez is a delightful little town with a history dating back to the mid eighth century. It is dominated by the Castle which was built around 933. From the lakeside, it looms above the water-front cafes.
By the fifteenth century, the castle was in the hands of the von Bubenberg family and was then lived in by the Lord of Spiez and a Knight of Jerusalem, Adrian von Bubenberg (1439 - 1479). His bronze statue can be found in the grounds.
Also to be found in the grounds of the Castle, is the Romanesque church dedicated to St Laurentius. Originating from around the year 1000, it stands on foundations some two hundred years older.
The bell tower was originally built as a separate structure and later incorporated into the main church building.
Inside, you can still (just) see some twelfth century murals in the apsidal end of the church.
The grave stone of the wife of Adrian von Bubenberg can also be found in the church. The main building of the castle is now a museum and small art gallery.
Around the castle, beautiful gardens give you a good place to take in the view.
Well manicured lawns and beds of summer flowers...
Balustrades look over the vineyards next to the castle grounds.
Beautiful!  And there's lots more to come.
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