Friday, 26 June 2015

Setts and Spots

Along the green lane which leads to Brook Farm, near Mapperley Village, the careful observer will note the unmistakable excavations of a Badger sett.
Fresh soil has been scraped away from the hole as the Badgers within have obviously been doing a little housework.
It seems that everywhere at the moment, Common Spotted Orchids are blooming - and blooming marvellous!
This morning's walk around Straw's Bridge, took us through the wild meadows of Pewit Carr. This meadow is absolutely breathtaking with flowers and the orchids are among the more common - and beautiful.
Growing among the Orchids and grasses are the Yellow Rattle flowers. Semi-parasitic, they take some of their nutrients from the grasses, thus keeping them in check and allowing the other flowers to get a foot-hold.
Looking closely at the Yellow Rattle flowers (Rhinanthus minor), you find that the upper lip of the flower has two, violet coloured 'teeth', adding to the rich colours of the meadow.
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