Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Local Colour

Staying with the spectacle to be seen on our own 'patch', today we have a few pictures of some local colour. We kick off with a Laburnum tree growing near to the edge of the estate.
Although this particular tree has now lost its flowers, it was rather beautiful while it lasted.
It's Orchid time again and the Common Spotted Orchids are just starting to open their pink flowers.
These particular little beauties were growing in the wet meadow of Pewit Carr and are just the start of a many more to come.
Even closer to home and we come to a few flowers to be found in our back garden. Firstly, a native wild flower which you don't see much of in the countryside these days. Corn Cockle (Agrostemma githago) has been persecuted by farmers for many years and to such an extent that it is now on the 'at risk' list in many countries.  All parts of the plant are poisonous, which is why it has been so reviled by farmers.
In the lawn, we have one or two patches of Daisies (Bellis perennis). Probably one of our most recognisable flowers, it too is persecuted by many, but not in our garden. We love them growing in the lawn.
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