Monday, 21 September 2015

Misty and Mellow

Continuing with yesterday's theme of early morning mist, here are a few more pics from my walk to Shipley Hill.
As I reached the woods on top of the hill, the mist had cleared through the trees and as the sun began to filter through the leaves, all was quiet, still and somewhat 'other worldly'.
Back out of the trees and looking across the surrounding fields, down the hill, the mist was again the main feature as the small disc of the sun tried to peep through.
It was all very picturesque...
As the taller trees had their 'heads' out of the mist and while it began to clear from the bottom up, you got the impression of 'bands' of mist floating in the air
And the sun was starting to have a greater influence by now.
This early in the morning, there were not many people around as you can imagine, just a few early dog walkers and a couple of joggers loomed out of the mist. I got a couple of odd looks from some of the dogs as they crashed out of the undergrowth and were startled to find me pointing my camera at the dawn. Clearly they were not expecting to see anyone this early either.
Time to head for home and a nice hot coffee - no finer way to start the day!
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