Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ducking and Diving

As promised, today we return to the Cromford Canal and its inhabitants. Among these were one or two diminutive birds to be seen darting about between the ducks and swans. These tiny, gorgeous and charismatic birds are Little Grebes or Dabchicks (Tachybaptus ruficollis) and it proved very difficult to get a good photograph of them. In the end I managed only one decent shot before it dived again to chase fish.
As usual, the most numerous birds to be seen floating about on the canal, were the Mallards. Fighting for position so as not to miss out on the bread being fed to them, they seemed to be everywhere at once.
They were all fairly tame, which made photographing them a lot easier than the Little Grebes.
One or two were even more tame than the rest.
And one in particular, decided to get out of the water and stand at our feet, so that we might get a better view.
Yet another, not wanting to be out-done, took a more direct approach and demanded attention.
"Now, where would you like me?  Are you sure you've got my best side?"
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