Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Signs of Spring.

A nice walk this morning around Shipley Hill, through the grounds of the old hall and past the two lodges. It is beginning to look more like spring these days and it will not be very long before the daffodils on the hill are in bloom - many are already showing some colour. The bluebells too are shooting up from the leaf-litter. Above all else however, this morning saw drifts of snowdrops carpeting the ground all over the hill. There must be millions of them and what a sight they are.Quite a difference from a couple of weeks ago when all was covered in white of a different type. The trees too are beginning to burst into bud, the Hazel trees as mentioned previously, are still covered in catkins and they have now been joined by the Alders. Strange how so many trees have developed the same solution to the problem of distributing pollen. Fortunate for the Siskins which were all twittering among the Alders picking out seeds still left from last year's crop. More snowdrops, then back home for coffee!
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