Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Berry Time

With September, comes the onset of autumn and of course, the appearance of berries aplenty in the hedgerows. This morning's quick walk around Straw's Bridge, revealed some of the first and most colourful berries of autumn. Starting with the familiar Guelder-rose (Viburnum opulus).
These succulent, lusciously red berries (actually drupes, not true berries) appear good enough to pick and eat, however, although they are supposed to be edible, their acidic nature means you wouldn't be able to eat many before making yourself feel unwell. Birds love them however.
Another commonly seen berry is again, not a true berry but a Pome. The word comes from the Latin Pomum, meaning fruit (from where the French Pomme, or apple comes). This fruit is commonly called a Haw and unsurprisingly, it is produced on the Hawthorn.
Usually, the Hawthorns around these parts are laden with fruit at this time of year, but this autumn, there seem to be far fewer than normal.
Still, they look beautiful - and will no doubt be a welcome sight to the birds which will rely on them through the colder months ahead.
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