Thursday, 17 September 2015


Last week, following our jaunt up to Middleton Top, we struck out for a walk around Cinder Hill, Shipley Hill and the surrounding parkland. It seems only a few days ago that we were strolling through the meadows around here, admiring the orchids. Last Friday however, the mowers had been busy and the meadows had been reduced to rows of hay.
No doubt the few days of sunny, warm weather, helped no end with the hay-making and while being warmed by the sunshine, the smell of the hay was sweet and delicious.
Thankfully, the tractors were about, picking up the hay and baling it into those now familiar round bales covered with black plastic. Why does everything have to be covered with black plastic these days?
Elsewhere, the Highland cattle were enjoying the good weather too. These two were more than knee-deep in golden grasses, heads down and munching away.
Only the strange, unearthly sound of Malcolm 'mooing' at them, made one of their number look up as if to wonder what was happening and give us a disapproving look.
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