Saturday, 4 June 2016

Interlaken and Beyond

Arriving in Interlaken, we disembarked and went for a stroll around the town. We soon had a great view of The Jungfrau which looms over the town.
 Its presence was quite imposing and it made a lovely sight in the sunshine.
In the centre of town, there is a Japanese garden with a pond full of Koi and some gorgeous Azaleas.
Having walked along the main street, we crossed the river Aare and strolled back to the boat terminal along the riverside.
It was nice to get a little shade on such a hot day and the sight of snow in the distance cooled things down a bit.
Across the lake, Niesen was clearly visible.
As we walked along, we were accompanied by a beautiful Black Kite (Milvus migrans).
 Then it was back on board and out onto the lake again.
Tomorrow, the city of Thun and then we return to Spiez.
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