Saturday, 12 September 2015

Further Up

Continuing our walk up to Middleton Top, we were afforded more lovely views.
Looking back along the path we had walked up, it is not easy to appreciate the 1 in 8 gradient of the incline - or the effort it took!
Through a gap in the trees, we got good views of the Heights of Abraham at Matlock Bath and the cable car system which gets you there.
Onward and upward, it was clear to see where the rocks had been blasted out in order to create the railway track.
Getting closer to the top, we passed an old building called Sheep Pasture Engine House. Built in 1828, this building once housed a steam engine used to haul waggons up the hill.
The view opens out a bit here too...
And across the valley, you get a good view of Willersley Castle, the late 18th century mansion, built by Sir Richard Arkwright.
Still more to come tomorrow.....
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