Thursday, 3 October 2013


Despite the murky, dull and damp weather this morning, it was still rather mild for this time of year, so we turned our feet towards the lakes of Straw's Bridge once more.  From the top of the old railway line bank which separates two of these lakes, the view across the old Nutbrook Canal and the golf course beyond, was misty, but a few trees were beginning to add their autumn colour to the scene.
Looking to our left from this viewpoint, the lake which forms the bulk of Pewit Carr was seemingly lifeless, apart from one lone Black-headed Gull, standing on a stump at the water's edge.
Speaking of Black-headed Gulls, at the main lake of Straw's Bridge (known locally as Swan Lake), these noisy, squabbling gulls were by far the most numerous (and vocal) birds this morning.
On the way back home, we passed a Maple tree displaying some of it's best colours amid the gloom of this dreary day.
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