Thursday, 31 October 2013


Our walk this morning, took us around the lakes of Straw's Bridge.  As mention was made yesterday of the leaf mould which is forming all over the area right now, I thought I would continue in the same vein and put up a couple more pictures of the fallen leaves.  In some parts, they are not yet mouldering, but are sitting on the ground in all their colourful glory.
Most of the ash trees have lost their leaves completely and the Maples are catching them up rather rapidly.  But the Oaks are still hanging on to their leaves and in some cases they seem not to have even started to turn from their rich green to the more seasonal golden hues.  Around the lakes, the contrasting colours are quite evident.
With today marking the end of October, the best of this year's colour has now past and it has been a fairly unremarkable autumn.  Last year, the colours were much more vivid, but I suppose you can't expect every year to be better than the last.
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