Friday, 25 October 2013

Afternoon Stroll

Malcolm and I usually venture out for our walk, first thing in the morning.  On occasion however, the weather will dictate that we have to change our routine and we sally forth later in the day. Today was one of those days and so after lunch, the rain cleared, the sun came out and we walked out around Shipley Lake.  The sun was bright and cheerful, but the wind blew strongly, trying to rip the autumn leaves from the trees.
From there, we walked along the footpath towards Osborne's Pond and through the tunnel-like trees which line the path.  The path itself was thickly padded with decaying leaves.
Beyond Osborne's Pond, the path took us up Shipley Hill to walk along the old Suffragette wall which once surrounded Shipley Hall on top of the hill.  Sunshine, filtering through the trees here, made a lovely scene with green moss growing on the wall and the reds and yellows of the leaves falling around us in the wind.
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