Saturday, 23 November 2013

Safely Graze

Walking through Shipley Park yesterday, we were happy to see that the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has expanded its collection of Highland Cattle and six more of these fine beasts have appeared in a field closer to where we live.  Among this new herd, a charmingly endearing youngster was sticking very closely to its mother, while enjoying the weak sunshine.
Further along our walk and after we had visited Mapperley reservoir and the small village of Mapperley, we passed along Slack Lane where a flock of sheep were safely grazing, back-lit by the same watery sunlight while they munched their way across the field.
Looking back across the fields towards Shipley hill, from where we had just come, the golden sunshine made the view well worth stopping to capture in digital form.
Earlier, as we left the woodland at the summit of this small hill, we had turned to look back in rather more detail at the scene - pretty good it was too.
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