Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Leaf Mould

Our walk this morning, took us once again towards Osborne's Pond, via Shipley Hill.  The pathways are covered with leaves now and in most places, these fallen leaves are beginning to rot into a nondescript, brown mush.  The recent, copious amounts of rain, have undoubtedly helped to speed this process along.  This morning's sunshine and bright blue skies were most welcome, especially when the light forced its way through the trees, casting sunbeams onto the leaf mould below.
The calm waters of Osborne's Pond were looking good too in the sunshine.  The large, overhanging oak tree which dominates one end of the pond, filtered the sun and sent dappled shade onto the water's edge and the ducks who were on the lookout for any morsel of food.  All very peaceful, despite the unusually large numbers of people who all seemed to want to take advantage of this brief window of good weather.
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