Thursday, 17 October 2013


The bright sunshine and warm temperatures of the Algarve in October, had brought out some fabulous flowers.  Along the roadside on the way to Albufeira, some Jacaranda trees were in full bloom - as they seem to be at most times of the year.
Every bit as brightly coloured and growing as part of a hedge around one of the hotel complexes, a Bottle Brush plant showed blood red flowers against the blue skies.
Most of these flowering plants are of course, non natives and to continue in that vein, a gorgeous, blue flower took our eye in a car park, near the beach.  The Blue Plumbago or Cape Leadwort, (Plumbago auriculata) looks like Jasmine, but has non of that plant's wonderful scent. The flowers however, do not disappoint.  Cape Leadwort, as the name suggests, comes from South Africa.
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