Saturday, 23 June 2012


For some time, we have been watching a young fox who has taken to visiting our garden late in the evening, to 'hoover up' the bits of fat-ball which have been discarded by the birds.  I have been trying to capture a good photo of this gorgeous creature, but as it only seems to appear when it's getting dark, the task has not been an easy one.  To date, this rather blurred example, taken in the gloom, through a rainy window, is the best I have been able to achieve.
Staying with the 'Fox' theme, we were delighted to find Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) in both Mapperley Wood and Shipley Hill the other day, in full flower.
Stately and graceful, these plants certainly have what might be called 'presence' in the shady areas under the tree canopy.  The Bees also like the deep, nectar-rich flowers and spend a lot of time pushing their way into the colourful tubes.  Foxgloves have recently been reclassified and put into the same family as the Plantains and Speedwells.
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