Tuesday, 7 May 2013


It was a bright, sunny and warm morning today, so we set out for a 7 mile walk through Shipley Park, towards the Visitors' Centre near Heanor.  This route took us across the meadows around Shipley Hill.  The trees here are looking beautiful in the sun with their newly-emerging foliage, bright and colourful against the blue sky.
From here, we walked across the fields towards Cinder Hill and the Visitors' Centre before turning our steps in the direction of Mapperley Reservoir.  We were so glad we did, as the Blackthorn bushes around the reservoir were looking at their very best.
Some were absolutely covered in blossom.  It was difficult to see where any more flowers could have been placed.
I'm afraid, I went a little mad with the photos of these glorious blossoms, but who could blame me?
Go on then, just one more...
We returned via Mapperley Wood, what Malcolm and I know more usually as  Bluebell Wood and our name for it was very appropriate this morning, but I'll save those pictures for tomorrow...
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