Friday, 17 May 2013

Proud Mum

Usually at this time of year, the waterways of Britain are alive with the sound of cheeping ducklings.  In our part of the country, the lakes of Straw's Bridge and Shipley Park are no exception, but this year, we have not seen any - until a couple of days ago, when a lone Mallard mother was seen with her brood of six fine-looking babies.  So, we went in search of them again today and to check to see if there were still six little balls of fluff.  I'm very glad to say there were.
The Mallard mother was keeping a very close eye on her brood and a constant, quiet quacking was being deployed to keep them from straying too far from her protective gaze.  That is, until a bread bag appeared at the other end of the car park, then it was every duckling for itself as they made a mad dash to launch themselves into the thick of the feeding frenzy.
Despite their diminutive size, these feisty ducklings managed to hold their own against the other ducks and even the Canada Geese seemed to be at a loss to know how to handle the onslaught of six hungry fluff-balls as they dashed around between their feet.  Lets hope that the proud mother manages to raise all her family to adulthood as they seem to be the only ones around this year!
And by the way, aren't they cute?
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