Wednesday, 22 January 2014


As I have said before, the cliffs along the Algarve are particularly attractive - and can be extremely dangerous.  The deep red colour is evident all along and as the cliffs erode, the resulting sand and earth is as red as the cliffs.
To the west of Praia da Rocha, these cliffs have formed some wonderful sights where the crumbling, sandy cliff line has retreated, leaving, in some places, outcrops of harder stone which dot the coastline.
Walking along the edge of these cliffs can be rather precarious.  The edge crumbles easily, so it's not advisable to get too close.  Looking back along the path you have just walked, can be hair-raising when you see that the solid ground on which you stood a few minutes ago, isn't quite so solid after all.
At one spot, a viewing platform has been constructed sticking out over a sink-hole which opens up in the cliff, revealing a vertical drop to the sea below.  The platform has been constructed from an open metal mesh which tests the nerves a little!
Eventually, these sink-holes are eroded further until the seaward side collapses completely, leaving a round gap in the cliff.  All rather beautiful.
Harder rocks are left standing out against the crumbling cliffs.
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