Sunday, 5 May 2013


Having waited for so long for the Spring to finally arrive, everything seems to be desperately trying to catch up now.  The Hedgerows are looking fantastic at the moment.  I mentioned the Cherry trees and their showy blossoms, but the Blackthorn bushes are trying to out-do the Cherries with their blossoms.
Under the hedges, close to Straw's Bridge several large patches of Cowslips are in full flower now.   One particular patch has some larger-flowered, orange flowered plants among them as well as one plant which seems to be a hybrid between the two distinct types.
Some of the flowers are not as colourful as these, but are still well worth noticing.  Among these are the Field Maples which are covered in pale, lime-green flowers which, unless you take a close look, you might mistake for their newly opening leaves
Closer to the ground, fresh green swathes of Dog's Mercury are carpeting parts of the countryside.  Again, these little flowers need close inspection to really appreciate their beauty and are sadly, usually overlooked and when growing in your garden, dismissed simply as 'weeds'.  There is no such thing of course, a 'weed' is simply a flower in the wrong place..!
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