Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Continuing with yesterday's historical theme, we discovered another, larger reconstructed hut within the archaeological park of Puig de Sa Morisca.  This one would have belonged to a Farmer, or Smallholder and his family, about two thousand years ago.  Malcolm seemed to be sizing it up to move in and indeed there would have been plenty of room inside.  You couldn't criticise the location either.
Inside, there was a raised platform at one end - probably forming some sort of sleeping area, and several niches built into the walls for storage and cooking, but as I said to Malcolm, with a roof like that, you couldn't be too picky about insects dropping into your vichyssoise!
Back outside and the views up the hill to the rocky outcrop were breathtaking.  Just the place to be on a hot, sunny day as the pines provided some wonderful shade and as we seemed to be the only people on the hill at the time, the peace and quiet were just perfect.
Among the wildlife to be found here, there were several Swallowtail Butterflies flitting about.  Now sadly very rare in Britain, these little stunners are still fairly easy to find around Europe and especially the Mediterranean regions.
This one had lost one if it's 'tails' but was still absolutely beautiful and with it's three-inch wingspan, made quite an impression.
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