Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Flowers

We didn't think we would get a walk today as the forecast was for more rain, wind and plummeting temperatures.  In the end of course, the day dawned bright and sunny and a little warmer than expected.  So, we set out to Straw's Bridge to see what we could find today.  Firstly, we found several fine Apple Trees in full blossom,  their pink and white flowers making a wonderful display in the sunshine.
Smaller flowered, but no less beautiful are the many Bird Cherry trees (Prunus padus) which are also blooming right now.  The flower spikes of these native trees are made up of lots of small individual flowers with white petals and a pale yellowish centre.
Closer to the ground and almost hiding among the other plants below the trees are the White Dead Nettles (Lamium album).  Their small, white flowers are clustered around their hairy stems, which in turn are square in cross section.  Not actually related to the familiar Stinging Nettle, these little plants are in fact members of the Mint family.  As children, I remember we would pick individual White Dead Nettle flowers and if you suck at the end of the corolla tube, you can sometimes be rewarded with a taste of sweet, sugary nectar.
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