Thursday, 16 May 2013

Red, White and Blue

Our walk this morning, took us around Shipley Lake and on to Osbourn'es Pond, up Shipley Hill, through the remains of Shipley Hall and returning home around the other side of Shipley Lake.  As we walked around the top of Shipley Hill and what remains of the Italianate gardens which once belonged to the Hall, the Rhododendrons caught our eye.
 Not all of these beautiful shrubs are in full flower just yet, but it's not a bad start.
As we left the Rhododendrons behind and headed back down the hill and through the woods, our eye was caught by the carpet of deep blue made up of the Bluebells.  Some of which were not actually Blue!
The vast majority were however, the most gorgeous, delightful and deep blue.  Combined with the their heady scent, they made the most fantastic show.
Looking a little more closely, you get to see the details of these little 'bells' drooping from the top of the bright green stalk and nodding in the breeze.  I was not the only one taking photos of the spectacle, but given such a wonderful display, who would not want to take lots of pictures?
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