Friday, 12 December 2014

Wet - Wetter!

It must have rained quite a lot during the night. That much was clear as I gazed out of the window first thing and saw the footpath opposite our house, under water. So, we decided not to tackle a long walk through Shipley Park in favour of a short walk through Pewit Carr once again. Recently, it has become impossible to walk to Straw's Bridge along the designated pathways as the District Council has started doing 'necessary water management works' to the area and in the process have completely destroyed the paths and the surrounding grassy areas. With this in mind, we would take the 'detour' through Pewit Carr - or so we thought.
It turned out that this way was blocked too, by water from the surrounding, flooded woodland.
No getting through that way either!  Crossing the old Nutbrook Canal, it was clear that water levels had risen much higher than normal and the canal was doing its best to expand its boundaries into the surrounding trees.
It all looked rather muddy, dirty and misanthropically chilly.
Realising we were not going to get any further, we had to curtail our walk and return home for coffee instead.
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