Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Still Below

As promised, today there are more pictures of the very chilly scene around these parts. Back to yesterday's walk and as we strolled along Slack Road towards Head House Farm the views across the fields, back towards the estate were rather bone-chilling.
Further on and we got to the old railway tracks of the long-defunct West Hallam Pit lines.  Here too the scenery was distinctly Arctic.
Where some of the trees have been felled to clear the ground of too much vegetation, a large stand of Silver Birch trees were stark against the blue sky.
This morning's walk took us up and around Shipley Hill.  The plunging temperatures have left the muddy ground easier to walk on. Snow still lies deep and crisp and even close to the old hall's water tower.
Heading home again and the mist was hanging around the trees near the (future)  Nutbrook Coffee shop.
Closer to home, the sun was shining through and glistening on the ice crystals clinging to the hawthorn bushes. All rather beautiful.
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