Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Looking Back

Following a few days of mild temperatures, things have returned to something nearer normal this morning, so it was a rather chilly walk around Shipley Hill. The stiff breeze didn't help much either, but looking back at what we were enduring four years ago, we have nothing to complain about. Back in 2010, we had this...
 ...And this...
It all looked very festive as we prepared for Christmas, but the plunging temperatures were not so good for the gas bill!
At the time, the thermometer was struggling to get above freezing even during the day.  All very nice to look at - especially from the comfort of being four years away!
Speaking of 'festive', the Christmas tree was hauled out from under the spare bed and installed in the living room this morning.  With new lights, an extra length of tinsel and Malcolm thinking of changing his name to 'Ebenezer', it's all getting very exciting!
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