Wednesday, 3 December 2014


The sunshine, which has been in such short supply recently, was most welcome this morning as we turned our feet towards the lakes of Straw's Bridge and Pewit Carr. We were not the only ones enjoying the sun.  This Greylag Goose seemed to be very contented just floating around on 'Swan Lake'.
So contented it was, that after a few minutes it appeared to start nodding off.  Eyes closed and head drooping, all was peace, tranquillity and reflected glory.
On the grassy bank, a pair of Mallards were equally somnolent in the sunshine... at least the female was, while her partner kept a sharp look out.
Out on the water, the Mute Swans which give this lake its name, bobbed about as well.
After a while, this magnificent bird (and its reflection), began to give in to the drowsiness induced by the sunshine.
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