Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Icy Blast

Following a night of heavy rain and high winds, this morning dawned bright and breezy - and very cold. So it was a rather chilly walk around Pewit Carr and along the Nutbrook Trail. The wind was bitterly cold as it seemed to slice through us, so it was nice to get out of the wind as we walked through the trees of Pewit Carr.
It's almost impossible to imagine the railway lines running through these woods and the trucks and trains which rumbled along them in days gone by. A touch of 'black and white' might help the effect...
Out of the trees and heading back towards the Nutbrook Canal and the views across the wild flower meadow was 'wintry' to say the least - as well as wet and very muddy.
Out onto the Nutbrook Trail as we headed for home, the tall willow trees were creaking and groaning in the wind as we passed, hoping they didn't drop on us as walked by.
Time for a warming cup of coffee..!
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