Monday, 23 April 2012

Tower of L'Aguiló

The first full day of our holiday saw us taking a long walk from our apartment, to the nearby resort of La Cala - also known as Finistrat.  It was a walk of about 4 miles before we got to the headland where the tower stands and then we faced a difficult climb through the trees to the summit at about 400ft.  Typically, we found the most difficult path first, but we soon got to the tower.
The tower was built between 1525 and 1550 and formed part of the coastal defences, guarding against pirate attacks.  Guardsmen lived and worked in the tower.
Restoration and archaeological digs around the tower have revealed underground storage rooms and a water cistern for the guards.  Most of these defencive fortifications are round towers, but this is of particular interest being square.  The views were certainly spectacular in all directions.  Here, looking over the city of Benidorm towards the Serra Gelada and another, round tower in the distance (we walked to that tower on Tuesday - more of that to come).
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