Tuesday, 28 August 2012


It would seem that Autumn is fast approaching.  Our walks around Shipley Park over the past few days have revealed several indicators of this.  Firstly, on Shipley Hill the other day an old, fallen Beech Tree trunk has been colonised by some rather impressive fungi.
 This particular fungus is known as Artist's Bracket Fungus (Ganoderma applanatum).  The fruiting bodies which are protruding from the rotting wood are rather woody themselves and the undersides are almost pure, milky white and very attractive.  Some are huge and one, sprouting from the under-side of the trunk was at least 2ft across.
The name 'Artist's Fungus' comes from the fact that the flat, white surface can be used to draw upon.  Quite intricate patterns can be made and they remain intact for some time before the fungus begins to disintegrate.
This morning's walk around the lakes of Straw's Bridge, revealed lots of shrubs and trees, laden with ripening fruits.  The Guelder-Rose (Viburnum opulus) are always among the best and brightest.
When, as is the case today, there has been some rain, the red fruits are decorated with drops of water which catch the sunlight and sparkle among the foliage.  Rather 'artsy'!
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