Saturday, 13 April 2013


Our walk yesterday and this morning's ramble to Osborne's Pond, both provided the beautiful sight of Greylag Geese (Anser anser).  The scientific name suggests that this goose (Anser) is the 'goosiest' goose of all, hence 'Anser anser.  The Greylags on the pond at Straw's Bridge yesterday, were looking gorgeous against the grey water, while keeping out of the way of the posturing Mute Swans which seemed to be holding the balance of power.
This morning, the sun was shining on Osborne's Pond and as such, the water was a deep blue, which showed off the Greylags marvellously.
There are many more 'feral' or partially wild Greylags in Britain, than there are truly wild birds.  About 31,000 feral birds breed here, but only about 3,200 wild pairs breed.  Over-wintering birds boost numbers to over 200,000 individuals, many coming from Iceland.  Wherever these geese came from and whether they were feral (as I suspect) or truly wild, makes no difference.  They were still a wonderful sight.
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