Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tall, Taller, Tallest

In a city known for it's 'skyscrapers', there is a new and yet taller construction taking shape. Along our route to La Cala and the climb to the tower, we passed the construction site of this massive new edifice. What a sight it is too! The 52 floors of the Residencial Intempo...
The building is said to resemble a number 'eleven' and a capital letter M, as a way to remember the victims of Madrid's March 11, 2004 terrorist attack. At 656ft tall, it replaces the Hotel Gran Bali as the tallest building in Benidorm towering another 46ft higher. These two pictures were taken from the back of the building along the main road.
The concrete construction is faced with a golden, glass facade and looks quite something in the sunshine. There is a large cone at the top of the building joining the two 'legs' and making the 'M' complete. From the seafront promenade, it towers over all the other buildings and gives you a stiff neck as you walk along, looking up at it. You also run the risk of falling off the prom while your attention is given to it.
Due to be completed later this year (probably not likely given the speed of Spanish workmen), it should be a fantastic sight when finished. More HERE.
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