Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Tower Views

Looking away from Benidorm, we got wonderful views over Villajoyosa and off towards the city of Alicante.  A large storm was rumbling away over Alicante at the time.
Malcolm seemed to be enjoying the view and the sunshine while keeping one eye on the dark clouds on the horizon.
The flora was pretty good too. Pine trees and grasses, among others were all green and fresh-looking and there was one rather eye-catching visitor to the flowers on the hill. A couple of European Swallowtail Butterflies (Papilio gorganus) flitted around. An extremely rare sight in Britain these days (indeed, only found in small areas of the Norfolk Broads), Swallowtails are still fairly common on the continent. Beautiful!
Another colourful addition the scene was to be found all around the woodland floor as we descended the hill before starting our 4 mile walk back. Field Gladiolus (Gladiolus italicus) were abundant in the dappled shade.
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