Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back again

Malcolm and I returned from a week away in Benidorm, yesterday afternoon.  We stayed in an apartment, well out of the main resort in a quiet, residential area of the city.  Much better than the usual hubbub of the busy centre.
From our balcony, we had good views of the mountains behind the resort.  The most obvious one being the 4,613ft high Puig Campana literally translated, Bell Peak.
The mountain is a well known sight in these parts especially as there seems to be a 'chip' taken out of the lower peaks (as seen from this angle).  In folklore, the 'chip' is said to be the place where the rock which forms Peacock Island, just off the coast of Benidorm, came from.
As always, the apartments were well populated by stray cats.  Every day, one more cat seemed to appear, but they were rather gorgeous, lazing in the sunshine - what cats do best.
More to come over the next few days.
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