Saturday, 5 December 2009

Out and about

A fine walk this morning in the weak, pale winter sunshine. As we were both 'breaking in new footwear, we initially opted for a short wander, but still managed about 4 miles. Our route this morning took us through a small area of wet woodland which forms part of Shipley Park, known as Pewit Carr.
The ground around the trees is very wet and indeed runs with water in parts. An important habitat within the British Isles, wet woodland is full of wildlife at all times of the year. This morning revealed Goldfinches busily feeding on the Alder seeds, Blackbirds making a meal of the Hawthorn berries and a Squirrel splashing around in the water at the base of one of the Willows.
The area reveals it's industrial past with bits of old railway line sticking out of the undergrowth from the days of coal and mineral mining and the steel works which once filled the air with their acrid smoke. Embankments which once carried these lines and which separated man-made canals from natural rivers, are still much in evidence as can be seen here.
Around Straw's Bridge pond, the Geese, Gulls, Mallards, Tufted Ducks, Moorhens, Coots and Mute Swans were all still trying to mug the passer-by for bread.
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