Sunday, 6 December 2009


...beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A very short walk this morning. We set out with all good intentions, but it soon became clear that it was far too wet under foot to enjoy it. Having rained heavily all night, the footpaths were transformed into rivers and the mud squelched up the sides of our shoes until it became too unpleasant and we turned for home again. The picture below is of one of the main paths on Shipley Park, but looked more like a shallow river this morning.
On a lighter note, no one can deny it, Christmas is upon us. Malcolm is beginning to look fraught as I get more and more excited at the prospect of the festive season.
I have always loved this time of year. The shopping for gifts, wrapping, card-writing, more wrapping, too much food being bought, the first carols on the radio (they have been on the in-store music systems for about three months already), Delia on the TV showing us how to stuff an old bird and the threat of Morecambe and Wise re-runs, is all just too exciting to my childish (or child-like?) mind.
I put the tree up this morning. Small though it is, it still sparkles with Christmas cheer.
To get us all in the spirit, here's a beautiful piece of music, the Coventry Carol. Dating from the 16th Century, it represents Mary's lament for her doomed child following Herod's ordering of the massacre of the innocents. Haunting, simple and stunning beautiful.....
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