Thursday, 31 December 2009


Yesterday, before we left to collect Malcolm's mum from the northbound side of the Trowell Service Station on the M1, where she was being delivered by the travel company and before we went once more to visit my mum who is still languishing in Hospital, Malcolm and I thought we would take a jaunt around Tesco.
The approach to the supermarket was fraught with danger and frustration as the vehicular queues trying to get into the car-park were enormous. Eventually arriving at an available parking space and having given other drivers several threatening stares dissuading them from 'nicking' our place, we parked up and strode toward the entrance. We managed to grab an abandoned trolley en-route (you can bet there would be none to be had at the door), I took charge of it and prepared for the scrum inside.
On entering the 'marbled halls' of Tesco we were immediately confronted by an enormous display of hot-cross buns on a two-for-one offer, reminding us that Easter is just around the corner. Not a trace of Christmas was to be seen. The decorations were all gone, the New Berry Fruits have been sent back to be re-dated so they can be legally resold next year and the remains of the festive sprouts were mouldering in their nylon nets. Christmas is but a thing of the past and will not show it's festive face until Easter is out of the way and the garden furniture and barbecue charcoal has been sold off at a discounted price following another disappointing summer.
Clinging to the wreckage of Christmas, here are a couple of pictures of our Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). Bought for us by our friend Jayne, it is still glowing with festive cheer on the kitchen table.
Thanks Jayne....
Happy New Year to you all.
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