Saturday, 19 December 2009


The other day, I was bemoaning the fate of Christmas TV and the lack of anything funny these days. The radio however, still has some gems of mirth-making to crack our faces and bring a feeling of joy. One of my favourite new comic acts, goes by the name of Count Arthur Strong. The product of the fevered mind of comedian Steve Delaney, Count Arthur Strong takes the guise of an elderly, pompous mostly unemployed, deluded, thespian from Yorkshire. He appears to suffer from attention deficit disorder and memory loss, probably caused by a little too much to drink. He is apt to use numerous malapropisms in an attempt to appear educated. These always falls flat.
If you've never heard Count Arthur Strong, have a listen to his Christmas Special from last year's radio show. His telling of the Nativity has to be heard to be believed. As before, put the kettle on and dunk a biscuit or two and have a laugh.
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