Thursday, 3 September 2009


What a windy day! Malcolm and I went for a walk around the town in the blustery conditions this morning, managing to dodge the showers. The Clouds are scudding across the sky and looking rather threatening.
Some pictures today of the storm clouds (and indeed, the accompanying storm) to which we were witness, on a holiday in Ibiza a couple of years ago. The lightning was spectacular to say the least and not a little frightening when it struck the ground near our villa and caused a magnificent, thunderous explosion which almost knocked us off our feet.
The clouds swirled around the valley and plumes of mist rose from the pine trees like smoke as the storm cleared.
Eventually the storm abated and the clouds dispersed. The evening which followed was beautiful as the sun set behind the hills, turning the sky to fire. The birds started to sing once more and all was right again.
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