Saturday, 5 September 2009

Autumn colours

With the days shortening and the temperatures taking a downward turn, the prospects of Autumn are now well within grasping distance. A point perfectly illustrated by the sight of the turning leaves this morning. These Field Maples (Acer campestre) are taking the lead.
The berries are, once again ripening and are extremely numerous this year. The Cotoneaster bushes around Shipley Park, are particularly laden with vibrantly coloured fruit.
Another garden favourite, often seen in the countryside (particularly around the old American Adventure Theme Park site), is the rather prickly Pyracantha.
Without a doubt, the most colourful and certainly the 'reddest' of the fruits to be found around these parts at the moment belong to the Guelder-Rose (Viburnum opulus).
a familiar, yet declining hedgerow species and one which is well known to those of us who enjoy an occasional gin, is the Sloe or Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)
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