Thursday, 24 September 2009

Down Dale

Malcolm and I had a lovely walk this morning with a good friend of ours, Jayne. We took a circuitous route around the small village of Dale Abbey, crossing the main road and walking toward Locko Park. Snag number one, I realised as we pulled up in the car that I had not brought my camera. Luckily, Malcolm had his mobile phone with him so today's snaps are courtesy of Malcolm. Some of the views from the hillside, to the west, in the direction of Derby were lovely.
Across styles and fields we went, avoiding one in particular which contained a bull the size of Albania! It's unusual to get a photo with me in it as I am usually behind the camera, but Malcolm had control of the camera today so, sorry everyone, here I am (close your eyes if you're of a nervous disposition).
The lovely Jayne was doing her best to avoid being caught on camera, but the searching lens of Malcolm gets everywhere!
In spite of Jayne's assertions that she would sue if I posted a picture of her on here, I thought I would take the chance. Well done Malcolm!
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