Thursday, 20 April 2017

Not Forgotten

The fantastic display of Tree blossom at this time of year, can distract us from the more lowly flowers to be found at ground level. But it's always worth glancing down to see what's beneath your feet. This morning, as we walked along the old Colliery lines towards Brook Farm, the Forget-me-nots were looking wonderful.
Since the trees have been cleared, it has let a lot more light onto the ground, allowing these flowers to come into their own and make quite a display.
It is also Rhododendron time again. Tuesday's walk around Shipley Hill revealed the first of what also promises to be a good year.
These early Rhododendrons are all pink flowered so far. The other colours will no doubt follow shortly.
The early, fresh spring leaves are also worth looking at, especially when illuminated by bright sunshine and viewed against the bare branches surrounding them and the darker Ivy shrouding the trunk.
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