Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Currants and Cowslips

Spring 2017 continues to be something of a flower-fest. Among the more colourful flowers to be seen around Shipley Park, have been those belonging to some ornamental Currants.
This particular specimen is to be found in the grounds of the Nottingham Lodge and has been accompanied by a golden-flowered Forsythia, but as the Forsythia flowers faded, so the Currant flowers took over. They make a lovely sight - if a not-so-lovely fragrance.
Speaking of the Forsythia, these pictures were taken a few days ago when they were at their peak.
With a little digital 'bloom' they seem to glow in the sunshine.
A walk around the lakes of Straw's Bridge right now, will give you the opportunity of seeing quantities of Cowslips.
They always make a welcome appearance in early spring, opening their blooms before the surrounding grasses grow up and swamp the low growing plants.
Each lake seems to have its own population of Cowslips. These are growing among the trees beside 'Swan Lake', the most visited of the lakes.
There will be more spring flowers to come no doubt!
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