Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bluebells and Cherries

Our walk this morning, took us past Shipley Lake and up Shipley Hill to see if the Bluebells were in full bloom. Despite the very cold wind blowing straight at us seemingly from the Arctic, the sun was shining and the birds were singing and when we reached the hill, the Bluebells were dazzling.
It is still a little early for the full, eye-wateringly rich display, but it wasn't bad for a start.
The stiff breeze meant that we were not lucky enough to get the heady scent which usually accompanies such a display, but it promises much better things to come.
Tearing ourselves away from such richness, we crossed the site of the old hall and made our way back down the hill towards Mapperley Village. As we left the woodland however, we were stopped in our tracks by some of the most fabulous Cherry trees we've seen this season.
These stunning trees were so full of perfect, double, white blossoms, they almost took your breath away. With the sun shining on them and with a backdrop of deep blue sky, it made for some very eye-catching photographs as the branches gave the impression of being snow-laden.
Closer inspection reveals the delicate beauty of individual flowers. We are fortunate this year to have had several days of dry weather, so the petals have not been spoiled by rain and we can appreciate the full beauty of these wonderful trees.
There will be much more of this to come, you may be sure....
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